Thinking Solar Power in South Australia?

Think Southoz Electrical


All our Adelaide solar systems are installed by a highly skilled and qualified team, which along with being A Class Electricians, are Clean Energy Council accredited installers and designers.  We take complete pride in our work, making sure that the solar array can be as aesthetically pleasing and efficient as possible.

Southoz Electrical will customise an Adelaide solar solution for optimal performance, taking into consideration budget, electricity usage and efficiency of available roof space.

Our extensive knowledge of products and experience will ensure that the right solar panel solution is found for you.

Installation of solar panels is completed in a manor so the solar panel array is flat (no waves/lumps across the array), even if the existing roof structure has moved over time we use an adjustable railing system that allows adjustments to eliminate or reduce undulated roof structures.  Panels are fixed so the edges are straight and tops parallel to roof ridge, this extra care and time means your solar panel systems appearance is optimized.

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